Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Just wanted to let you know that I made it through today with flying colors! :) Ha ha. And my daughter had a great time as well :) I dropped her off at her room and said hello to her teacher. Then her teacher told her to go to the playground until the bell rang and that was that. I was smiled at politely and got the hint that this was my cue to exit. So I went to the van and reminded myself how much my daughter loves school and what a great day today was for her. I managed to choke back the burning sensation in my throat and nose and the tears that pooled in my eyes remained there. :) When I went back to pick her up she ecstatically told me all about her morning and who was in her class and the rules and that their class got 1 point today (which is a good thing)! (when they get 15 they get 5 extra minutes of recess!!) And she gloated over the fact that I had homework! She just thought that was hilarious. (just some papers to sign and a handbook to look over--typical first day materials). Anyway, the morning went well and my daughter is anxiously awaiting tomorrow when she'll actually get to "learn stuff" as she puts it. :) Thank you God for her..and thanks for watching out for her.

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