Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Two days in a row..whoo hoo!

Just finished my lesson today and there was such a great illustration, that I just had to share it!

The question, How can I know whether the word I receive is from God, my selfish desires, or Satan? was posed to Blackaby and the following was an illustration he used to help bring understanding.

From Experiencing God (workbook) page 160

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Mounties, train men in anti-counterfeiting work. They never let a trainee see a counterfeit bill. They know only one genuine type of ten-dollar bill exists. They so thoroughly study the genuine bill that anything that does not measure up to that is counterfeit!

You can't imagine all the ways people can counterfeit money. But Mounties don't study how people counterfeit money. They just study the real thing. Anything that doesn't measure up to that is fake!

I just loved that. Applying that to our spiritual lives... Know God thoroughly and when something comes your way and you have to question it..measure it against God. If it doesn't measure up..it's not from Him.

Thanks God!

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