Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Luke 4

The temptation of Christ. For a long time I would read over this passage and kind of say to myself "that's nice". I had yet to comprehend (even a little bit) what it meant for Christ to be fully God and fully man. I would always say to myself...He was God..like that would be hard. But as I have begun to understand Christ as fully God and fully man I see the importance and the difficulty of these temptations.


I don't know about you, but I can barely go four hours without a snack, let alone FORTY DAYS with no food! :) Seriously though. When I'm hungry, I'm grumpy, and if someone is shoving a hamburger in my face, it's gonna take more than my puny willpower to say no. Jesus was hungry. And He was human. And by the grace of God He was able to say no.


I think we look at the second temptation and say "yeah whatever". But let's stop for a minute and think about our lives. Satan is offering Jesus everything...all the power and all the success and all the money.. How does this correlate in our own lives? How often do we sacrifice our time, our energy, our families, to gain power in our company (looking for that next promotion), to be viewed as successful (the nicest car, the nicest house, the nicest clothes), to have a "stable" lifestyle and not have to "worry" about tomorrow. But I believe God has said, not to worry about what you'll wear or what you'll eat because He will take care of those needs. We don't even have to worry about tomorrow because God will take care of that too. We struggle with Satan dangling the power and success in front of our faces.

Prove Your Faith

Satan's last temptation (at least that we read about here) is for Jesus to prove that God does what He says He will do. Ouch. How often are we faced with questions from people who want proof that our God is real. Well "why doesn't he heal sickness?" or "why does he let innocent people suffer?" Questions that we can't answer, questions that seem to fly in the face of what God is about, questions that require faith and knowing God is in control and He has His reasons and whatever those reasons are they are right, true, and fair, because that is who He is. But it's difficult. We want God to prove it too. We want to see with our eyes and know His power.

The other thing that stuck out to me as I read this chapter, was that Christ countered each temptation with God's Word. With what has been said and promised already. It just brings home the fact that we need to know God's Word in an intimate way. It was exciting as I did Experiencing God, we had memory verses for each week, and I was amazed at how often the memory verse would apply to something that happened or be fitting in a conversation or was just brought to my mind in various situations. His Word is alive and very applicable to our lives.


I finished the second Harry Potter book. It was good. The books are a bit dark. Some of the scary parts are a bit gruesome and scary. I'm not sure I would be comfortable letting my grade school child read them. I'm not sure... I started the third book the other night and ran into a couple more curse words (d--- again). Again I was frustrated at the nonsense of it. Not necessary, not appropriate. Frustrating.

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