Thursday, February 26, 2004

I think I like this once a week blogging marathon Sorry you all for not writing more regularly. My life is stuck in fast forward!

Friday Five! (Or Thursday Five if you're late like me!)

When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor?
Thursday, February 12

2. ...went to the dentist?
somewhere between 1986-1989 (I had a horrible experience and have yet to conquer my fear to return--I'm a wimp)

3. ...filled your gas tank?I filled it on Sunday (Feb. 22) when we got home from visiting Josh's parents

4. enough sleep?
Ugh..probably about 3 weeks. I have not been sleeping well

5. ...backed up your computer?
Me personally? Umm..I don't think I've ever done it. Ouch. I think Josh might have done it before? My wonderful friend, Brian, has on a couple of occasions been able to retrieve numerous files when my computer locked up :)

Survivor All Stars!

Rob C bit the dust. And I personally think it was a very wise move of Boston Rob. Not that I'm happy Rob C is gone, I liked him and all, but he definitely was a very real threat to Boston Rob and definitely cannot be trusted. It will be interesting to see what happens this week.

BY the way, I saw a preview of tomorrow night's show and they said something to the effect of "the losing team of the immunity challenge will be dissolved" Hmm. They could totally get rid of a team or they could take that team and divide it up on the other teams.?. So I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Oh and an update on Jenna M that came from Anna:
" just read an interview by Jenna M - she explained that her mother had been battling cancer for like, 8 or 9 years, that it had just become a part of life for her and her family. I wish I could remember where I read it from.. but anyway, since I can't remember the exact phrasing, basically, she was living her life and not sitting around for a whole decade waiting on her mom to die. I'm glad she was able to be there with her at the end."
Thanks for filling me in!


I started The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis over the weekend. My brother-in-law got the series for Christmas and let me borrow the first one. It's ok. I'm not a big fantasy fan, but was curious. It's not too bad. Anna recommended "She's Undone" by Wally Lamb, which I picked up at the library this afternoon!

My Weekend

We went to Josh's parents for the weekend, which is in Alton, IL (about an hour away from St. Louis). It is always fun to go visit and relax. They are such laidback people and it is nice to just hang out and share life with them. This weekend they got us tickets to a hogroast dinner and a concert with a band (country-yee rah)that is pretty popular in the area. We agreed to go so we could spend some time with them, not because we enjoy that type of thing really.

Anyway, so we went and as I sat there I came up with a 4 step plan for our Easter service at The Crossover. We've been struggling with how to get new people (specifically unchurched) to attend our services. This night gave me lots of great ideas! Here's the plan:

1. Get a fiddler! While in the restroom I heard several people talk about how awesome the fiddler was and that you can't beat a band with a great fiddler. (By the way, the fiddler was really good--and I'm not a big fiddler fan!)

2. Bring on the Jell-O shots! I'm telling you this is a definite moneymaker! We can pull in people PLUS increase our offering. Can't beat that! These things went like hotcakes!

3. Add a really good dancer! They had this young kid that was a pretty good country dancer and he had the crowd up and clapping and laughing and having a great time.

4. And last but not least, end the service with a rousing rendition of "I Got Friends in Low Places" or some other song where everyone can sing along. After the jell-O shots, everyone seemed a lot freer to dance and sing loud.

Needless to say, I am a sheltered person who is unaccustomed to bar behavior. It was fascinating to watch. I just don't get it and I can't say that I'm sad that I don't get it. It would be interesting to learn these people's stories. I'm becoming more and more fascinated with people's stories. I think that's why (in general) people are so intrigued by reality TV. It's learning people's stories!

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