Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Yes, I'm still alive! It's amazing huh? Sorry about the long hiatus (Is that how you spell that?) Life gets stuck on fast forward sometimes in my life.

So to catch you up..


I have no voice. I'm not speaking metaphorically, I'm speaking literally. I literally am speechless and it totally stinks! My throat was scratchy on Sunday and after leading worship for XO Kids (crossover kids..our "kid's church") and then helping out with the Easter Egg Hunt after church, well my voice started sounding kind of grovelly (is that a word?).

Anyway, I woke up Monday morning and it was GONE! Ugh. From what I've read on the net, it could possibly be 2 weeks before it comes back. Great! OH well..so here I am!


So what have I been doing with my time since I haven't been blogging? Tae Bo! I need to shed some pounds and get some energy and so I've been exercising since like January, which is pretty huge for me who is not a disciplined person. So instead of reading blogs and writing mine, I have been taking that time to exercise. But I have yet to find a spot of time to get back in here regularly :( Bear with me!


So far the All-Stars have been playing pretty well. Most people are making excellent choices as to who is getting the ax! Boston Rob better watch out, because there couldn't be a larger target! It's been very entertaining the last couple of weeks and I am excited to see what happens next!


I have been reading, I am now on the 4th in the Chronicles of Narnia Series....Prince Caspian. They haven't just been fabulous, but they are interesting. I've read a couple of other novels in there as well, but none of them have really been "wow"!


I am on the move baby--cable modem! HELL-O! What a difference some speed makes when you go surfing! No more waiting for 5 minutes while your page loads or waiting 30 minutes to an hour for those important updates. Only looking at one page at a time? No more, with cable modem I can look at several webpages all at the same time without frustrating delays and constant lock-ups! I should be a saleswoman for the company, because I am in love :)


I hope that you all have had a good holiday and I can't wait for the warm weather! I'm not really a summer person, but I absolutely love 65-70 degree weather and I am tired of the cloudy days and am looking forward to some sunshine! Thanks for listening!

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