Tuesday, June 29, 2004


My husband and I enjoy playing poker (Texas Hold 'Em specifically). We got started by watching the World Poker Tour on the Travel channel and then got online into a couple of poker sites and have since really gotten involved in the strategy of it.

We've been playing for at least 3 or 4 months (I think more, but I'm not sure). And I have yet to win a tournament. I have gotten 2nd NUMEROUS times and have done really well just playing at a regular table, but I have NEVER beaten everyone in a tourney! And tonight--I DID! I was so excited! It's just for play money, but it was still fun!

To make it even better, the tide really turned when I got pocket deuces (translation for non-poker players: dealt a pair of 2s) while I was in the big blind (translation for non-poker players: kind of like a forced ante) and I raised. The other 2 players went all-in and I called and ended up with 10s and 2s, and they got nothing. One guy had more than I did, so he got some money back ($495), but wasn't able to recover!

Go me :)

All three of my children have poison ivy. The youngest just has like 4 little spots on his arm, but my middle son has it ALL OVER! My daughter has it pretty bad as well, but it seems to be containing itself.

So we all trooped to the doctor's office yesterday to make sure it was just poison ivy and to get some meds to help it clear up. We sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes. Then we sat in the little exam room for 15 minutes. And we spoke to the doctor for all of 5 minutes. I kid you not. I timed it, and 5 minutes is rounding up.

What is the deal with that? You call and make an appointment, you would think this would help. But no, it just ensures you will get seen that day. It drives me insane. I am not a patient person anyway and then when I have to sit and wait, it just gets me all riled up.

AND THEN, we had to go to Wal-mart to get the prescriptions filled. She said it would take 15 minutes. That's fine. So I go to a pay phone to call my hubby to let him know that I'll be able to pick him up from work, and we browse through the shoes and look at a few other things and 15 minutes later we walk over to the pharmacy to pick up our prescriptions and she says that it's not done yet, it'll be a few minutes.

Ok, so we stand there in the medicine aisle, because I really need to get going to pick up my hubby on time. The kids are being rowdy because they are tired of being still, so they're playing London Bridge and some kind of Kung-Fu fighting game. And the lady who told me it will be just a couple of minutes is yacking to the other lady in the back. She's not doing anything--neither of them are!

Talk about blood pressure going up about 15 points. OH man. 15 minutes later she finally calls me over and hands me the meds and THEN informs that they didn't have enough of the one medication and I'd have to come back the next day after 5pm to pick up the rest!

I'm not a happy camper.

Friday, June 25, 2004


My last quiet morning! Guess who complained that it was time to go yesterday? The youngest! Guess who complained that today was the last day? ALL THREE! Thanks God! The week was good for the kids and they had a good time. The week was good for me too! I really enjoyed my mornings to be able to get things done without constant interruptions. It's amazing how productive one can be!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Got bored with the old template, but man was it a pain to get everything changed to a new one! Won't do that for awhile :) Enjoy the new look!

The kids are going to VBS at the First Baptist Church in Casey this week. So it's giving me a little taste of what this fall might be like with all 3 of them in school! Yesterday wasn't so bad because Josh took a vacation day (it was his birthday!), so we ate breakfast together and watched a movie on TV. Today hasn't been too bad, I've caught up on my blog reading and am actually updating mine! I still have an hour to go though..lol.

The hardest part is my youngest didn't want to go back to VBS. Yesterday he told me (in front of his teacher!) that it was boring and he wasn't coming back. After I got him home I figured out that a couple of his friends didn't really include him in their playtime and that he missed me. Poor guy. The mom in me was a tad bit excited that I was missed, and mad at the little boys for not including my son. And as much as I would have liked to keep him home and play with him this morning, I decided my best bet was to encourage him to give it another try.

He went, but only after the other kids told me that they passed an offering plate yesterday and wanted to know if they could bring some money to give and while I was passing out quarters, my youngest wanted a quarter too and I said that it was for VBS and since he wasn't going he didn't need the quarter to which he replied, "I am going." So hopefully the quarter got put in the offering and not pocketed by my child as a bribe..lol :)