Thursday, August 12, 2004


I can't believe how our justice system is weak on sex offenders. If you haven't heard, Ronnie Johnson, 53 year old male from rural Kansas, kidnapped, raped, and then tied a 13 year old girl to a tree stabbed her three times and left her for dead. The man was placed on probation in 1988 for criminal sexual assault with a victim under 18 and then his probation was revoked in 1992 for aggravated criminal sexual abuse with a victim under the age of 13! HELLO??????? What is he doing out? You can read the story here.

I also saw on WTHI Channel 10 news this morning that this man also victimized his step-daughters. The one who was in the interview said the abuse occurred as far back as kindergarten through age 14, happening at least once sometimes twice a day.

I am definitely for harsh penalties for sex offenders. These offenders are known to repeat the crime. Check out this site to read about a study done in 1994 about sex offenders. It said on average, the offenders only served 3½ years of their 8 year terms and compared to non-sex offenders released from State prisons, sex offenders are 4 times more likely to be rearrested for a sex crime.

What is the deal with our laws? Why aren't we doing a better job protecting our children and other innocent victims? 1 time can be attributed to a mistake, too much to drink, a problem, but when someone harms another person and pays their "debt to society" and turns around and does the SAME CRIME again--come on. It's time to put these guys away for good. And yes I know that means higher taxes for more prisons and guards and space. So be it. We gotta do something.

Ok, I'll step down. It just sickens me is all.

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