Friday, February 04, 2005


1. Have you ever tried meditation?
I have tried to sit still for awhile and relax and try to focus on God. But I have never meditated nor been successful at sitting still and clearing my mind. The only time I have ever come close to clearing my mind is during extreme pain when I had to focus so that it wouldn't hurt so bad. I wish I could.

2. Do you pray?
Yep. I'm not the type who has a specific time I pray or way I pray or place I pray. It's more like a continual conversation. There have been times when I have literally "gotten on my knees" to pray, but it's not an everyday stance I take.

3. Worst nightmare:
I'm not sure it's my worst, but it's definitely reoccurring and is difficult to shake. I dream of tornadoes. Sometimes people I love are swept away, sometimes I am swept away, sometimes I am successful in keeping my family safe. It's odd.

4. Do trolls live under your bed?
Umm. no.

5. Make a wish:
It's the same one I always make--I wish that my children would grow up to be happy, healthy, and most of all will know and love Jesus.

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