Monday, May 16, 2005


I missed the first hour of Survivor last night--I am so aggravated at our cable company. For the past 3 months (at least) CBS has been blacked out on Channel 3 and we have to watch Survivor on Channel 10. Well there is an hour delay as well between the channels, so on Ch.3 Survivor is on at 7pm and on Ch.10 it's on at 8pm. I checked yesterday on the tvguide online and it showed the same for this week. So last night Josh and I peeked at 7 to see if Ch.3 was up or not and it wasn't so we watched Extreme Home Makeover and the turned to Ch. 10 at 8pm to watch Survivor and it was already starting it's 2nd hour. ARGH! Talk about frustrated!

But anyway, on to what happened on the show-- I cannot believe that Ian hung on the thing for 11 hours and 55 minutes and then decides to step off and not go to tribal council. That's just crazy. I can't believe everyone made him feel so bad for flipping on his alliance. GOOD GRIEF! It's a game, a game of deception, manipulation, and betrayal. If you can't handle people using you, don't go to the game! Katie & Tom both would have cut Ian loose or betrayed him at any point when they felt he threatened their game. Talk about irritating.

So Tom wins--no surprise there. And he is a tough guy and he did what it took to get there. I'm just frustrated because no one took him out when they had the chance. He was an obvious person who needed to go early on but no one had the guts. They all talked about how Stephanie was too tough to stay, but HELLO, this guy won 5 of the 7 individual immunity challenges. How dumb can you be?

Anyway, it's frustrating but it's over. I found this season to be extremely disappointing. I thought it was one of the cruddiest batch of players thus far. It was so predictable! Ugh.

Ok, so I'm done now. I guess I'm gonna have to go check out some books because all my shows have wrapped up for the season!

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