Thursday, August 31, 2006


JonE, my youngest child's pet rabbit died last night. Ugh. What a night. We got home from a birthday party for my niece in Effingham and was getting ready for bed. I went up to check on the boys and see if they were finished brushing their teeth when I noticed the rabbit laying down in the cage. Sure enough, it wasn't moving. Even when I bumped the cage.

So I got Josh and yep, JonE had passed on. What a terrible thing to have to turn to our 7 year old and let him know that his pet had died. Lots of tears from EVERYONE! All the kids were upset and hurt, and Josh and I's heart broke for them. There's nothing you can do to help them feel better about the situation, because there is nothing about the situation to feel better about.

Our daughter got one of her baby doll blankets for us to wrap JonE in and we used a shoebox to put him in. And at 10:30 at night, after holding our disraught little boy for a half an hour, my husband dug a hole in the backyard for this little rabbit to be laid to rest. I am so proud to be married to Josh. He is such an awesome dad and phenomenal man. He was so "there" for our kids and allowed them to feel the pain of the moment and treated the situation with respect and love. What a great guy.

To some people the death of a pet rabbit probably seems kind of silly. Burying the thing and all that. But to people who have pets that have become part of the family, part of daily life--I know you totally get the pain of last night.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Snap! I think I have discovered my new favorite author! Ted Dekker. I heard about him from my friend Brian and his friend Sherri (sorry if I misspelled her name!). It was a while back. But anyway I was looking for something new to read and decided to try him out.

He's AWESOME! I read THR3E first and then I just finished Blink on Saturday. Well done. Couldn't put either of them down. Looking forward to picking up another one of his!

He does a great job of building suspense and keep you just enough in the dark to keep it entertaining without being totally confused. And he also tackles a difficult theological issue.

Loved it!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

We watched Primetime tonight and it was interesting. There were several different things they talked about but the one that amazed me the most was about these people who desperately want to be handicapped. They want to cut off parts of their bodies. It’s an obsession. The thing that scared me the most is that the interviewer was actually talking to these people like they were intelligent people who knew exactly what they were talking about? This husband was supportive of his wife’s desire and decided to help her instead of hindering her process so that she doesn’t kill herself. I guess I can understand the feeling of not knowing what else to do. I mean you wouldn’t want your spouse to die. You’d rather have a spouse with no legs then no spouse at all. But why not try psychiatric care first? There is obviously something messed up in her head if she desires to cut her legs off?

My husband made an interesting observation (which he usually does) and he said it was the extreme of body modification. He said you have those people who pierce their ears, then various body parts, tattoos, bars and gages, things implanted in their skin, plastic surgery etc. It’s just the next level. I think I would put these people on a different level then people who want tattoos. But I guess there is a logic in the thinking. People are always wanting to push the envelope. They desire to be different. To stand out. To have people notice them.
It's happened! I am currently reading 3 nonfiction books and 1 fiction book! I always tease Brian because he is reading all these different books all at once and I said it would drive me crazy to do that. But I have several books I wanted to read and couldn't decide which one to start with so I just started them all. It is kind of confusing as to which book I read what in, but it's helping me be better with journaling what I'm thinking so that is helpful.

The small group thing seems to be going well. People are having fun--at least they say they are :) And Josh and I are having a good time. It's good just to hang out with people and laugh. It's life!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Your Seduction Style: The Natural
You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.
Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.
You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!
People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

Friday, March 03, 2006


My husband and I enjoy hosting small groups. Ok correct that, I enjoy hosting small groups. I like having people in my home and being together. But as I asked my husband what "book" we should do next or what group of people we should invite, I got an interesting response. I found out that he hasn't really enjoyed any of the small groups we've been in thus far. He's not "in" to reading the latest book or debating any theologies. Instead he said, "Ya know, I'd like to have some people come over every week that we play cards with." Then he told me how his parents used to get together with the same people every week and play cards and the kids ran around and played together and he just thought that was really cool. My first thought was (ashamedly), "that would be pointless". No book? No in-depth discussion? Just hanging out? What a waste of time.

But then I realized, it's not a waste of time. It would be spending time with other people. Building relationships with them (which I am not good at). Becoming friends with them and just "being". I'm not good at "being". I'm a "doing" kind of girl. Everything in life does not have to be for a certain outcome. It can be just for the sake of what it is.

In this goal-oriented, bottom line world--I forget that. If my small group weren't to open people's minds or teach them a new truth or deepen their relationship with God in some way (within the 13 weeks of course) then I would feel like I failed. I'm an end result kind of person, and whatever means gets me to the end result is ok. But this small group will be different. There is no expected end result--no measure to whether it succeeded or failed. It will just "be". And honestly I'm really excited about it.

Tonight at 7pm will be our first "party". I'm not even sure what to call it, maybe it doesn't need a name. It just "is".

So if you need something to do on a Friday night, head over to the Ridgleys and bring a snack!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This may sound strange. But I have come to a realization that I have done the very thing I never wanted to do in my adult life and that is, I've let others dictate how I act, think, and feel. I worry way too much about how others view me and I have allowed it to rob me of a lot of joy and self-confidence in my life. I wish I could say that I am going to stop that this very instant, but it's unrealistic. So instead, I'm going to be thankful that I have seen this in myself and trust God that I can rely on Him to refocus my attention back to how He views me.