Friday, March 03, 2006


My husband and I enjoy hosting small groups. Ok correct that, I enjoy hosting small groups. I like having people in my home and being together. But as I asked my husband what "book" we should do next or what group of people we should invite, I got an interesting response. I found out that he hasn't really enjoyed any of the small groups we've been in thus far. He's not "in" to reading the latest book or debating any theologies. Instead he said, "Ya know, I'd like to have some people come over every week that we play cards with." Then he told me how his parents used to get together with the same people every week and play cards and the kids ran around and played together and he just thought that was really cool. My first thought was (ashamedly), "that would be pointless". No book? No in-depth discussion? Just hanging out? What a waste of time.

But then I realized, it's not a waste of time. It would be spending time with other people. Building relationships with them (which I am not good at). Becoming friends with them and just "being". I'm not good at "being". I'm a "doing" kind of girl. Everything in life does not have to be for a certain outcome. It can be just for the sake of what it is.

In this goal-oriented, bottom line world--I forget that. If my small group weren't to open people's minds or teach them a new truth or deepen their relationship with God in some way (within the 13 weeks of course) then I would feel like I failed. I'm an end result kind of person, and whatever means gets me to the end result is ok. But this small group will be different. There is no expected end result--no measure to whether it succeeded or failed. It will just "be". And honestly I'm really excited about it.

Tonight at 7pm will be our first "party". I'm not even sure what to call it, maybe it doesn't need a name. It just "is".

So if you need something to do on a Friday night, head over to the Ridgleys and bring a snack!

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