Thursday, April 06, 2006

We watched Primetime tonight and it was interesting. There were several different things they talked about but the one that amazed me the most was about these people who desperately want to be handicapped. They want to cut off parts of their bodies. It’s an obsession. The thing that scared me the most is that the interviewer was actually talking to these people like they were intelligent people who knew exactly what they were talking about? This husband was supportive of his wife’s desire and decided to help her instead of hindering her process so that she doesn’t kill herself. I guess I can understand the feeling of not knowing what else to do. I mean you wouldn’t want your spouse to die. You’d rather have a spouse with no legs then no spouse at all. But why not try psychiatric care first? There is obviously something messed up in her head if she desires to cut her legs off?

My husband made an interesting observation (which he usually does) and he said it was the extreme of body modification. He said you have those people who pierce their ears, then various body parts, tattoos, bars and gages, things implanted in their skin, plastic surgery etc. It’s just the next level. I think I would put these people on a different level then people who want tattoos. But I guess there is a logic in the thinking. People are always wanting to push the envelope. They desire to be different. To stand out. To have people notice them.

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