Thursday, August 31, 2006


JonE, my youngest child's pet rabbit died last night. Ugh. What a night. We got home from a birthday party for my niece in Effingham and was getting ready for bed. I went up to check on the boys and see if they were finished brushing their teeth when I noticed the rabbit laying down in the cage. Sure enough, it wasn't moving. Even when I bumped the cage.

So I got Josh and yep, JonE had passed on. What a terrible thing to have to turn to our 7 year old and let him know that his pet had died. Lots of tears from EVERYONE! All the kids were upset and hurt, and Josh and I's heart broke for them. There's nothing you can do to help them feel better about the situation, because there is nothing about the situation to feel better about.

Our daughter got one of her baby doll blankets for us to wrap JonE in and we used a shoebox to put him in. And at 10:30 at night, after holding our disraught little boy for a half an hour, my husband dug a hole in the backyard for this little rabbit to be laid to rest. I am so proud to be married to Josh. He is such an awesome dad and phenomenal man. He was so "there" for our kids and allowed them to feel the pain of the moment and treated the situation with respect and love. What a great guy.

To some people the death of a pet rabbit probably seems kind of silly. Burying the thing and all that. But to people who have pets that have become part of the family, part of daily life--I know you totally get the pain of last night.

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