Friday, March 25, 2011


1.  When did you last have occasion to march anywhere?
March....hmmm...  Probably the last time I "marched" would have been while I was a teacher's aide at a preschool...

2.  What kind of hula-hooper are you?
Absolutely dreadful! 

3.  What kind of madness is most likely to infect you this weekend?
Soccer madness!  My son's first game is this weekend and it's a double header!  We have commenced to talking about soccer almost all the time right now!

4.  Under what circumstances this past week might you have had reason to shout, “SCORE!” 
This past week???  Ummm... I haven't :(  So sad I know!

5.  When did you last inadvertently dribble, drool, or otherwise let liquid escape your mouth while trying to keep it in?
While I slept for sure...I'm a drooler.  Gross, but true.

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