Monday, April 25, 2011


What a weekend.  Our lives have been so filled--every minute a dozen "have-tos" need our attention.  But this weekend, we planned for nothing.  A few "need tos", but mostly--"want-tos" and "impromptus".

Our daughter, Racheal, turned 15 this week and also went to Disney in Florida with the high school marching band. She returned on Friday afternoon (during the CRAZY rain!) and Josh took Saturday off.  Because of the crazy rain our soccer game on Friday was cancelled!  So we got to be lazy all weekend long. 

We enjoyed Easter together as a family.  This may sound funny--but this is one of the few Easters we have enjoyed as a family.  For many years we were very actively involved in Sunday morning church.  Sunday morning church can be an AWESOME thing.  It can also become work if you are not very very careful. Unfortunately I don't think my husband & I were very careful and it turned into a lot of work in a lot of ways.  We loved the work, don't get me wrong.  We really did enjoy every moment of serving and helping and giving to the people God put in front of us.  The problem was, we stopped taking time to spend WITH God.  We would be so focused on getting the service ready--or serving in the kid's ministry or fixing something that we would lose track of moments just to spend listening to the Spirit. 

This year, it was just our family.  Just the five of us.  In our dining room.  Singing songs from youtube.  Reading the Easter story.  Remembering what Jesus has done and what that means.  Josh shared how God showed him that Easter ushered in the Holy Spirit--without Easter we wouldn't have God with us always. 

Then we of course had the annual Easter Egg Hunt (albeit with two reluctant teens and one very excited 12 year old).  And then we all pitched in and made supper--burgers on the grill, deviled eggs, strawberries, french fries (yum!).  Enjoyed a couple of movies.  A very nice, relaxing "non-have to" day.

He has risen!  He is Alive!  The Spirit now lives in us.  Does your life reflect that?

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