Wednesday, December 07, 2011

When things are hard....

I pray hard.  It's true.  I pray all the time in all kinds of situations.  I'm sure if God gave me a nickname it would probably be Magpie.  I never shutup.  Really I don't.  All day long I'm like some 2 year old saying "look at me daddy!  See what I can do!" or I'm crying and telling him what booboo I have for the day.  I'm not saying this is a bad thing--that's just my prayer life. 

But when things are hard, I listen better.  When things are good I just cruise along.  When things are bad I curl up in a ball every night and cry and ask Him what do I do now? 

Last night I just kept saying over and over--give me wisdom, give me strength.  Help me bend my will to Yours.  Me on my own?  I'm nothing.  I would definitely screw it up. Turning to Him?  Well, there are no guarantees b/c I am human and make mistakes--but I definitely slide things in favor of going better.

Is that why things are hard?  So I'll listen better?  Oh please Lord, help me get better at always listening...

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