Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Before you head to Parent/Teacher Conferences....

Being a parent is difficult.  Being a teacher is difficult.  Hmmm...wonder why this is?  Perhaps because we care so much about the same people--our kids!  Now the way we go about caring for our kids could be in different ways and the things we value might be a little different.  Our goals are the same though--we want well-adjusted kids who are kind to others and who are gaining knowledge and wisdom of the world around them.

So why am I bringing this up at the beginning of the school year?  Don't we have at least 7 or 8 weeks before that first Parent/Teacher Conference?  We sure do.  I just want to remind each other that we are on the same team, we want the same thing.   And getting the job done is hard and exhausting.  Doesn't it feel amazing when someone comments to you about how well-behaved your kids are or how smart they are or how kind they are?  Or perhaps when you do have to discipline them in public and someone says to you, "you handled that really well" or maybe they just give you a knowing smile?   Someone noticed you got it right and it felt good to have someone mention it out loud.  Teachers are people, just like us parents.  So be prepared going into Parent/Teacher Conferences with some praises for that teacher.  Maybe they go out of their way to communicate assignments to you or maybe they gave you a call to let you know that your child was struggling in a specific area and wanted to let you know.  Perhaps they haven't had any contact with you personally, but your child loves the art projects they have been doing in class or they can't stop talking about something interesting your teacher has shared.  Even if there isn't anything they have done that is particularly "extraordinary", just let them know that you appreciate them.  You appreciate their effort and acknowledge that what they do is trying at times.

We can all use a kind word now and then!


Stacy Garver said...

I couldn't agree more! Our teachers work hard and I believe do their best. I always try to let them know each year how much they are appreciated!

Shawna said...