Friday, September 05, 2014

Friday Five

Recommend one:
1) Book
Just one?  How about this--one fiction and one non-fiction!
Non-Fiction:  The Bible.  It has been life changing for me and tells you all about my favorite person-God!
Fiction:  Harry Potter Series.  I just love the whole story from beginning to end.  Good vs. Evil.  Coming of age.  Action/Adventure.  Comedy.  Love story.  It has it all!

2) College/University/Personal Interest course
I recommend taking a foreign language.  Any of them that interest you.  I think learning something new keeps your mind fresh and a new language forces you to think in a new way!  Learning about a new culture is fascinating and reminds you that there are so many unique people in this world!

3) Song
Hold Me by Jamie Grace.  Never fails to put a smile on my face.

4) Web Site  Ree Drummond can seriously cook.  I love her recipes and she's funny to boot!

5) Something of your choosing (ie- author, video game, food, movie, etc)
Movie:  Cheaper by the Dozen.  Love this movie so much.  Good clean fun!

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