Saturday, November 01, 2014

Cereal Boxes for Haiti

For the last several years our family has collected Cereal Boxes for The Apparent Project in Haiti.  It has been a fun way to get our community involved in something global and also to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti to have a way to financially support themselves in a country where there are very few employment opportunities.

We have had great success in people jumping on board and saving cereal boxes all year long!  We are so thankful!  However, we now have need.  I would love for this ministry to continue to grow and to send more and more boxes to Haiti.  But as we are collecting more boxes, the shipping expenses are also climbing.  It costs approximately $40 per box to ship from Westfield to Michigan (where it is loaded on a container bound for Haiti).  It also costs approximately $20 per box to put it on the container to get to Haiti.  So that's $60 per box.  We collected 6 boxes so far this year, so it will cost approximately $360 to send the boxes.  As of right now I have $120.

What I would love to do is to partner with people who are interested in this ministry as well and form a committee of sorts to help with the collecting, sorting, and financial situation.  If there are people from multiple church bodies who would come together on the committee, we could have multiple congregations joining together and sending more and more cereal boxes to Haiti! 

Would you prayerfully consider how God might be asking you to get involved?  Perhaps you have a knack for organization, or networking, or you think your church might be interested in getting involved?  Maybe you have a few extra dollars you have been praying as to how God might want to use them?  Or God just might be making you aware of this need and you will join me in praying for the need to be filled?  I just ask that you ask God and see what He says!

I will also be having an Apparent Project Jewelry/Christmas Decor Party Open House in the middle of November.  I am waiting on my box of items to arrive so that I can set a date and time.  But I wanted to give you a heads up that I will have items soon!

Thanks so much for taking time to read this post and please feel free to contact me with your questions!!

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