Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Goals

I have a couple of friends whom I love dearly who are both firstborns who love to create lists and check things off said list.  Well these two friends enjoy being very productive with their time and I must say are quite successful.  There are times that as a youngest child I realize how very unproductive I can be since we last borns tend to enjoy our freedom, spontaneity, and well to put it bluntly--laziness. Anyway, I am feeling slightly inspired and a little envious of their apparent success in creating yearly goals and having something to write about on their blogs.  So I'm going to give them the highest form of flattery (imitation right?) and basically copy cat them.  (something last borns are pretty good at)

So without further ado, here are my 2015 Goals.

Hobby Goals
1.  Read 50 new books. (New being, new to me.  Last year I read 51  books, but several are ones that I adore and read almost yearly anyway. So the challenge is to choose 50 new books!)
2.  Watch 12 new movies.  (again--new being new to me!  I adore movies and watch them over and over again!)
3.  I have a secret photography project in my head that I would like to complete for a gift.  So I won't say anymore at this time, but I would like to complete this by Christmas this year.
4.  Spend one afternoon a month working on my photography skills by getting out and about and shooting away!
5.  Try 2 new recipes a month!

Health/Fitness Goals
1.  No more seconds!
2.  20 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week.
3.  Add at least 2 servings of fruit a day.
4.  Lose 10 lbs. this year and keep it off permanently.

Focusing Outward Goals
1.  Call my friends once a month to say hello.  (seems simple, but being an introvert who projects as an extrovert I tend not to call or talk to people unless I need something :( I do think about them often, but my follow through stinks!)
2. Have 4 "girls" nights this year!
3. Throw 4 game nights!
4. Give blood at least once!  (I've never given before!)

Marriage Goals
1.  Continue our monthly date nights!
2.  Plan and go on the honeymoon we've pushed off for the last 20 years! ;)

Spiritual Goals
1.  Join or start a bible study.
2.  Do 1 individual study just for me.  Something that requires journaling.
3.  Share via social media what I'm learning and answered prayers!

Family Traditions
1.  Valentine's Dinner
2.  4th of July Cookout
3.  Get the Christmas Tree and Decorate
4.  New Year's Eve Bash

House Goals
1.  Repaint 2 dressers
2.  Repaint the TV stand
3.  Put up pictures in dining room and kitchen!
4.  Acquire a decent sofa for the game room.


Stewarts said...

I love this! I think we need to share book lists! If you want to borrow my children for a photo shoot one month - they would LOVE that!

Shawna said...

:) I'm following you on goodreads and have already added (and ordered from the library) Orphan Train! Borrowing your children sounds like a great idea! I'll be in touch about that!