Thursday, September 26, 2002

Hey! :)


I read The Healer by Dee Henderson this week. It's a continuation of the O'Malley Series. Great set of books! The premise of the series is that there are 7 orphans who wind up a Trevor House and they adopt each other as family and when they grew up they legally changed their last names to O'Malley. Each book focuses in on one of the children (now who are all adults) and takes us on their journey of finding Christ and whatever else happens to be going on in their lives. They have all been excellent romantic/mystery novels. And they are very light reads.

Experiencing God is going really well. We started Unit 4 this week. I'm enjoying the daily discipline and also the new desire within me to make this a part of my life. Today we talked about God and all the different names there are for Him. We took time to worship Him and call Him by those was good :)


Not much. Keeping busy basically. We have developed a routine that works, but is tiring :) With all the kids going to school it makes it interesting in keeping up with who needs to bring what on what day and when. :) But we're figuring it out.

My major decision has yet to be decided. I'm not sure what God's waiting on, but I'm learning to follow His lead. So I'm waiting and trying not to worry or figure it out :)


Take time to pray for your friends. And take time to give them a call and see how they are doing..just because you want to :)

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