Friday, May 13, 2005


Ok, so we all know that I enjoy reality TV, and it's May so the shows are wrapping it up!


Well, my first pick in Rob & Amber didn't work out--they got second. But I was THRILLED Uchenna & Joyce made it! They were an awesome couple and I'm so glad that their integrity paid off. (If you didn't catch the show, Uchenna and Joyce were at the finish line location but wouldn't go in until they had paid their cabbie his full fare! They had to beg people in the area for money)


Bo, Carrie, or Vonzell (sp?)? Who will it be? Personally I think that Bo should win it, but obviously Vonzell has a lot of fan support or she would have been history a LONG time ago! She's a terrific performer--lots of fun to watch but her vocals are just ok in my opinion. Carrie is a good performer and has a good voice, but she's not like "wow". And Bo is great, as long as it's his genre. He has a GREAT voice and is a good performer, but he kind of does the same thing over and over when he performs--that rocker look, pick up the mic stand. But we will see.


The best reality tv series in my not so humble opinion. Honestly these are probably some of the worst players I've watched in awhile. They're not so bright--unless they are editing things funny this year. I was glad to see Caryn go last night. She's not very good at the game and is too much of a swing vote. It was a brilliant move for Jen, because now she can sidle up to Tom and more than likely get seat number 2 if Tom wins immunity and keeps her. My picks for this year were Stephanie or Ian and seeing how Ian is the only one left-I guess I'm rooting for him. Josh and I think maybe Ian might be in love with Katie, or at least infatuated with her, just because of the big boo hoo scene last night. He was genuinely tore up about her hurt feelings. I think it would be really hard to keep emotions in check in this game. I know that when I sit down to play poker with my friends they are going to do whatever they can to bluff me so that they can win the hand and it's not because they don't like me or they want to hurt me, it's because they want to win the game. They are going to use whatever they know about me, against me. And that's what Survivor does as well. You use whatever you learn against the other players so you can come out on top. But if you forget that it's a game and make it personal than you can get your feelings hurt really easily. People must lie to you and get you to trust them and then betray you. It's the only way you can win. The only way that you get around that is if your allies get beat out earlier in the game and you're on your own to jump from group to group to make your way to the top.

Well, I'll definitely be watching...

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