Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Been reading through the book of Acts with a few friends and discussing things together. Last nights discussion was brought around to healing and miracles. It seemed like everytime you turned around in Acts one of the disciples was being filled with the Holy Spirit and then was able to bring healing to someone who needed it. We wondered out loud if miracles still happened like that and if so, why none of us had ever personally been involved. We are all relatively young (under 30), but at the same time most of us have been in church all our lives and have never seen something extraordinary done. We've heard stories. But have never had a firsthand experience--even in our families. Have we miscounted the gazillion little things that happened? Or, as someone in the group suggested, has God removed His hand in that way in America?

I don't know for sure what I believe. But I have always struggled with the "nation" thing. Is that still in place? Does God judge a whole nation now? I thought since Christ, it was a person by person thing. Or is that not true? I don't readily have a scripture that even pops into mind that would make that statement accurate.

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