Tuesday, June 29, 2004


My husband and I enjoy playing poker (Texas Hold 'Em specifically). We got started by watching the World Poker Tour on the Travel channel and then got online into a couple of poker sites and have since really gotten involved in the strategy of it.

We've been playing for at least 3 or 4 months (I think more, but I'm not sure). And I have yet to win a tournament. I have gotten 2nd NUMEROUS times and have done really well just playing at a regular table, but I have NEVER beaten everyone in a tourney! And tonight--I DID! I was so excited! It's just for play money, but it was still fun!

To make it even better, the tide really turned when I got pocket deuces (translation for non-poker players: dealt a pair of 2s) while I was in the big blind (translation for non-poker players: kind of like a forced ante) and I raised. The other 2 players went all-in and I called and ended up with 10s and 2s, and they got nothing. One guy had more than I did, so he got some money back ($495), but wasn't able to recover!

Go me :)

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