Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Whew, what a week, and what a weekend!  Seemed like I was swamped everyday from the time I got up until bedtime!
Bagelfest was, let's just say interesting.  I had some really odd things happen to me, that have never happened before. My good friend Danelle, reminded me that these are the people God wants to reach, regardless of whether we want to reach them or not. 
It was a good reminder.  Because all weekend I was amazed/shocked/and even angered by people's behavior and what I really wanted to do was say that I would never do this again.  It's not worth it.
How selfish of me.  God never says that about me.  It doesn't make people's behavior ok, but it does give me a bigger picture of what God is about.
So God, if you want us at Bagelfest next year, I will help put it together.  And thanks for the people who were really grateful.

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