Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ok, so I didn't go back and finish up the dishes.  I decided to check out some blogs first.  And I'm glad it did, because God whammed me upside the head (as He often lovingly does :) )
I checked out this blog that my friend Brian had on his blog and my "perspective" was definitely changed.  You'll have to go there and read the latest post to see what I mean, but I need to update my list...
Like, when your monitor on your computer goes out, you have an awesome friend who is willing to loan you another.
Like, when outlook express won't let you see your emails, you can be thankful that you use hotmail and can check your email anyway.
Like, when your children aren't getting along, it means they are in the house with you and healthy and ok.
Like, when you and your husband are just in a "blah" stage, it doesn't mean anything except that you're just both feeling "blah" and you'll get over it!
Like, when you have severe headaches because of weather changes, you know that it will eventually pass and there is nothing seriously wrong.
Like, when you have pop-up ads that drive you insane, it reminds you that you really shouldn't be surfing the web anyway, go play with your kids!
Like, when you let your dishes pile up and you have to wash them all by hand--be thankful that you have a house, with dishes, and had food to put on/in those dishes, and now you are healthy enough to wash those dishes!
Thanks for the perspective God!

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