Friday, November 29, 2002


Finished Experiencing God. Was great. Definitely a much needed spiritual awakening. It really got me thinking and diving into God's Word and listening to God and watching. Highly recommend it, especially if your walk feels stale and cold. Was great.

Finished the first book of Harry Potter. It was cute. The only problem I had was it had one cuss word (d---) in the beginning and that just frustrated me. But beyond that, a thoroughly enjoyable book. I have begun the second in the series and am liking it as well!


I was nervous when I finished Experiencing God because I had this great routine of spending time with God and now I'm on my own again. So I've started reading Luke. I don't think I've ever read this book in its entirety. So I'm looking forward to discovering it in the next few weeks. I read Chapter 1 on Wednesday and today I read chapter 2

Chapter 1

The one thing that stood out to me was how much I appreciate Mary for living a pure life. I had never really thought about it. But to be chosen to carry Christ! How humbling and nerve-wracking. Can you imagine? I appreciate that there was a woman with who God could entrust the Christ.

Chapter 2

In this Chapter I appreciate how God gave Mary and Joseph confirmation (as He did in Chapter 1 with Elizabeth) that the child they were to raise was indeed the Christ. We have two separate people who come up to them and declare Jesus as God's salvation. I can't imagine being Mary & Joseph..the questions they must have asked themselves. The doubts that Joseph had to have struggled with in believing Mary that she hadn't been with someone else. It is mind boggling. But we see here God anticipating those doubts and struggles and giving them confirmation through other believers. How true that is for today as well! God, you're too cool!

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