Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Ok, so we are into week 5 of school for the kids, week 3 of working at preschool, and day 6 of having a dog. So when do things get back to normal? Normal is not even an issue really with me, a routine would be nice.

My house was clean (at least very well picked up) on Monday night for Bible Study and, I kid you not, it is trashed today! There are papers piled up all over my desk and all around my office, the dishes are stacked and my "to do" list seems to get longer every second!

The end of the school year was busy, the summer was busy, and I kept saying that when school starts things will slow down, but it seems like I'm picking up speed!

So again I ask..when will things go back to normal? Normal? I laugh. There is no such thing.

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