Thursday, September 02, 2004


Ok, so we've been in school for a week now and I have yet to create a new routine for myself. This is going to be more difficult than I thought!

Oh and did I mention that I have added a couple things to my schedule so that I won't be so lonesome without the kids? Yeah, now I work 10 hours (from home--God is so cool) for The Crossover, I took a new job at the Sonshine Center (a preschool/daycare center) where I will be working 6 hours a week (an hour more than I thought), I'm still my daughter's Girl Scout Troop leader PLUS I added on being the Girl Scout Recruiter for our town (there are 3 of us on a team), also I am getting involved in a ladies' bible study on Friday mornings in the Ashmore area and they have chosen a daily devotional type book PLUS I have volunteered to lead a bible study out of my home once a week through my church which also happens to be a daily devotional type book.

I suddenly don't feel so lonesome--lol.

It's good, really it is. I have only cried once over my youngest going to Kindergarten, which is a grand improvement to when my oldest went--I cried every morning on the way home after dropping her off--for the whole school year.

Now I have to find balance. And no, Brian, I am not going back to school this year--but I do appreciate you encouraging me! I think my plate is full for now.

So more on the new job after my first day. I met the kids Tuesday night at the Open House, it will be interesting! Lots of nervous parents!

I appreciate your prayers!

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