Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Childhood Memories

I was going through a tub of books my mother-in-law had given to my three kids and was so surprised when I found a book that I had read and reread and loved as a child! It's called "Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs". I haven't read this book since I was probably a very young child, at least 8 or 9. But I readily recognized the cover and amazingly as I began reading it to my kids I could vividly remember the pictures and what ones would come next. And then I remembered how the story ended and before I knew it my eyes were full of tears and I was fighting hard to control the emotion.

You see, this book is about a little boy who has a grandmother and a great grandmother and every Sunday he would visit them. He would call his grandmother Nana Downstairs and his great grandma Nana Upstairs because she was very old and couldn't get out of bed. Well during the story Nana Upstairs dies and the little boy is very upset. And there is a picture of the little boy going to his mom in the middle of the night and her reaching out to him.

I'm not for sure, but I think I got this book a little before or maybe after my dad's death and maybe that was my fascination with the book..identifying with the young boy's grief. It is definitely not a happy story, but it has stuck in my heart all these years. It's interesting how it has resurfaced in my life.

Just wondering where God is going from here...

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