Thursday, December 18, 2003


Oh my goodness, yesterday was a LONG day! Josh took the day off work and we went Christmas Shopping! My mom came down to watch the kids and we left at about 12:30pm and didn't get home until 11 pm! We were all over Terre Haute and even made a trip all the way back to Charleston to pick up a few things we couldn't find. For the most part, we are done. Now we have to buy a few stocking stuffers and take the kids to buy presents for each other and their grandparents and then of course Josh and I have to buy for each other. So I guess we're really not done, even for the most part! Oh well, think positive right?

All in all the day was really good. It was fun spending time with Josh and the crowds weren't too bad, except at Super Wal-Mart in Terre Haute..oh man.

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