Sunday, August 25, 2002

Hey, Hey, Hey--look who's back :) Maybe I'd be better at weekly blogging? lol.


I FINISHED IT! :) ( For Better or For Best that is) Smalley is big into practical ideas. Which I appreciate, but at times get frustrated because I can be sort of an anal person and think if I just do this, this and this, this will happen. Which is hardly EVER true unless you are doing math! But I probably learned three important lessons (nothing new here--just good reminders)

1. Don't assume you know everything.
2. If you do assume so, be willing to apologize everytime you are proven wrong.
3. And when you actually do know something, don't rub it in.

:) lol. Ok, just kidding (sort of). The main theme throughout the book is the same thing I hear over and over in every book I read about relationships and every person I've ever known who has went to marital counseling gets the same theme as well--"If you want a better marriage, you are going to have to be willing to change." No matter who you are or what the situation is, you cannot coerce, manipulate, persuade, or bribe your mate into being who you want them to be. You have to become who God wants you to be and delight in your mate because you love your mate unconditionally, not because you want something. :)


Have you ever had a decision to make and you just can't seem to decide? I'm not usually that way. I'm usually very decisive. But man right now, I'm stuck. God seems totally silent on the subject and I've polled most of my friends and have gotten very little response because it's one of those big decisions that no one really wants to say their opinion for fear that they might be steering you wrong. It's one of those major decisions that will affect every little part of your entire life--it's a turn your life upside down kind of decision. And God seems silent. I would think He would have a lot to say about this, but He seems to just be waiting. And I HATE waiting--lol. Of course He knows that, and I'm sure He's grinning at me right now. Patience my child. In due time my daughter. Or am I not listening? What if He's telling me and I'm not listening? Ugh..I really hate these kinds of things :) I know I'm learning something through this process. And I know He has a plan. I just don't want to miss it, ya know?

Would love to hear about the times God has seemed to be "silent" and how it all turned out! Sound Off!

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