Saturday, August 24, 2002

It's me again:)

First things first.

Heylo Brian:)thanks for reading:)

Where to start.
We went and looked at the car.
The car was in great shape for being 15 years old. It ran good, drove nice, all that usual stuff you look for in a car.
While talking to the lady who was selling it we found out that she was selling it becuase her husband in filing for divorce AGAIN.
Made me kinda feel bad for thinking of offering her less than what she wanted.
No incase your wondering we didn't buy it. yet:)

Still trying to figure why I have my job :)
There have been several conversations arise that have been about church/religion kinda conversations ,if ya know what I mean.
I have tried to voice my opinion without offense or "sterotypical" retort to somthing or anyone.

Family time!!!!
That's a huge one.
The kids have developed an interest in video games.
Been attempting to bond/play at the same time with them.

Well as you can see it's very late ( I think good when the house(people in it) is asleep.)
For some strange reason I have a craving for some Cap't N crunch ( which we don't have in the house) of course
So I reckon I'll just go to bed.
Got a big day ahead later on so .......

Catch Ya later


p.s. Goodnight Brian

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