Tuesday, August 20, 2002

HEY! It's me! Wow, remember me? lol. I know, I'm terrible at this everyday blogging stuff. I always wanted to have a diary growing up and my mom would buy me one and I would write in it for like 5 days straight and then I wouldn't write in it again for like another 4 months or so. I just have never been able to keep up with stuff like that. ANYWAY--


Yes, I'm STILL reading For Better or For Best. As I read it I keep thinking that all his ideas seem manipulative. Like if I implemented them I would be trying to be someone I'm not. I'm one of those spontaneous people ya know..I tend to say or feel or think the first thing that comes to me and unfortunately it usually falls out of my mouth as well. I am much better at tempering that now as I have seen how destructive it can be to relationships. But it's still always there right beneath the surface, threatening to take over if I let my guard down. I think the book is good--I do, I think I'm just negative about it because it seems overwhelming :)

I read The Ultimatum by T. Davis Bunn a week or so ago. It was the sequel to The Warning . I liked this one better I think. Maybe it was just because I understood what was going on better or something. The Warning dealt alot with economics and the stock market and bank stuff and I just didn't know what they were talking about most the time so it was confusing. The Ultimatum deals more with the characters and relationships and I could identify better with it. So it was pretty good.

I'm getting ready to start The Presence by T. Davis Bunn. I'm not sure if it goes along with the other two or not. The cover and stuff is similar in fonts and coloring, but it doesn't say anything like it's supposed to be book 3 or anything. And the back reads as if it is a completely different story. So I don't know--stay tuned and I'll figure it out :)


I never did get my watermelon seed question answered. I haven't had time to get online and research that. Hopefully within the next couple weeks I'll have some time to get that done.

Life has been so crazy lately. My daughter's first day of first grade is tomorrow! So we've been busy getting the school supplies and getting things ready and spending time together before she goes back again.

I absolutely can't stand her going to school..lol. I know that sounds crazy but it's true. She is ecstatic. Always has been about school. Even before she was going to preschool she would talk about "when" she gets to go to school etc. And I'm really grateful and glad she enjoys it. But it's really difficult for me to turn her over to people I don't know very well and for her to spend more time a week with them than with me. It's scary and heartbreaking. I can't imagine what I'll be like when she goes off to college or gets married or decides she wants to live in some big city 2000 miles from me. lol. But at the same time I'm so proud of her. She's so confident and carefree and excited and eager. It's great. She's a great kid. I guess this is where trusting God comes in huh? :) I'll make it.

Well, I guess thats it for right now. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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