Thursday, January 29, 2004

Reading & Watching

Of course my two fave things to do are reading and watching movies! I just finished off the O'Malley Series by Dee Henderson and am getting ready to read, "If I Gained the Whole World" by Linda Nichols. She also wrote the book "Not a Sparrow Falls", which was probably one of the best fiction novels I've read in a while.

As for movies, the other night Josh & I watched "Johnny English" with Rowan Atkinson (sorry if I messed up the spelling), or you may know him as Mr. Bean. Well we love Mr. Bean and find him totally hilarious and so we thought we'd watch this movie. Now it was funny in some parts. But you can only play the fumbling idiot spy for so long before it gets kind of old, and so this movie was kind of a drag overall. Oh well!

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