Tuesday, January 13, 2004


I really enjoy the game show Survivor! And I'm excited as the next one is the All-Stars! It will be Sunday, Feb. 1 right after the Superbowl!!! I caught the CBS Early Show telling who the 18 survivors will be.. and here they are!

From Pulau Tiga: Jenna L, Susan, Rudy, Richard
From Australian Outback: Tina, Colby, Alicia, Amber, Jerri
From Africa: Ethan, Lex, Tom
From Marquesas: Kathy, Boston Rob M
From Thailand: Shii-Ann
From Amazon: Jenna M, Rob C.
From Panama Islands: Rupert

Chapera Tribe will be: Alicia, Amber, Rob C., Rob M (Boston Rob), Susan, Tom
Saboga Tribe will be: Ethan, Jenna L., Jerri, Rudy, Rupert, Tina
Moga Moga Tribe will be: Colby, Jenna M (the winner), Lex, Kathy, Richard, Shii-Ann

It will be in Panama at the Pearl Island location again. They said that the way they chose who was going to be on the All-Stars was they asked all 112 who have participated before whether they were available. Then from those available they looked at who were the faves of the public and who had created the most drama etc. 2 people they picked said no..they didn't say who it was though. There 18 survivors this time and there will be 3 tribes, but that's all they really said. They asked Jeff Probst whose torch he was looking forward to snuffing the most and he thought for awhile and then said probably Richard Hatch because "he needs it". It definitely should be interesting and entertaining!

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